Local Information

The North End is situated just outside of Boston's Financial District and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  Just on the other side of the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway, the North End is nestled "off the beaten path" so to speak, and surrounded on three sides by Boston Harbor. This has afforded the North End an ability to fend off much of the hustle and bustle of the other downtown neighborhoods.  Sure, there is plenty to see here and on warm summer weekend days you'll see lots of tourists checking out the many historical attractions or the vast selection of restaurants.  But most of the time, the North End is very quiet, and residents both new to the area as well as lifelong North Enders are just going about their daily business, as if off in a small village somewhere, and not just steps away from one of America's most storied and vibrant downtown areas.  

Maybe you have decided, like so many people do, that this is the place you have to live.  Or maybe it is because you want to tour the history or flavors of the North End.  Either way, here is some information that could come in handy. 


Where to park: 

The North End has two hour visitor spots located throughout the neighborhood, mostly on Hanover Street or one of the other main roads.  Unfortunately, as a visitor without a resident permit, after 6pm you will not be able to park here without risking a ticket. 

Here are a couple of pay options closeby and in the neighborhood: 



There are also a few parking lots along Commercial Street by Sargent Wharf and Lewis Wharf. 

You can learn alot about the area and also what's happening if you check out :

http://www.northendboston.com/ or http://www.northendwaterfront.com